Expert Microblading, Semi-Permanent Makeup & Skin Treatments from the Eyebrow Specialists at London Aesthetics Clinic

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Our eyebrow specialists have been providing unbeatable microblading services in London for years. Microblading, the practice of applying high quality semi-permanent makeup to create a fuller, thicker, natural brow, has become more and more popular in recent years, due to the immediate, and lasting, effects of the treatments. Our trained specialists go through a full eyebrow consultation, discussing shape, treatment and full aftercare instructions with every one of our happy eyebrow clients.

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Microblading with shading

Microblading with shading

If your brows are looking tired, our microblading treatments can also be performed with added microshading, which works to even out the brow, creating definition while retaining a subtle, natural finish. Looking for that perfect Instagram brow? Book your ombré, microblading or shading eyebrow treatment to get a flawless finish with a new, specialist technique.

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We use state of the art technology applied by highly trained, specialist practitioners. Our mission is to couple premium services like microblading, semi-permanent makeup, skin treatments and more with accessible pricing, to allow all of our clients across London to enjoy the benefit of our rejuvenating services.

Director of London Aesthetics Clinic

Here at London Aesthetics Clinic on Harley Street, London, we offer a range of beauty treatments and services, including expert microblading, ombré eyebrows, semi-permanent makeup, skin peels, microdermabrasion and more. Located on Harley Street, in the Central London area, our clients come from across London to take advantage of the skills, experience, and competitive pricing of our professional beauty therapists.

Our most popular services are our specialist eyebrow treatments, including microblading, shading, and revolutionary ombré brows. Our clients across London can depend on London Aesthetics Clinic to create natural, subtle definition with a high level of quality. Microbladed eyebrows are a type of semi-permanent makeup, and with regular top-ups, can easily be maintained to create your perfect eyebrow shape. Our specialists take the time to have a full microblading consultation, advising you on the right shape for your face, as well as taking into account your specific preferences of size, shape and thickness. Book your microblading appointment in our London Harley Street clinic online now, or call us to book your eyebrow consultation!

Other Services

Ombré eyebrows.

This new technique uses specialist ombré microblading needles to create beautiful eyebrows with semi-permanent makeup. Our specialists at London Aesthetic Clinic on Harley Street, London will go through a full consultation to ensure that you achieve your dream brows!

Skin rejuvenation

In addition to our quality microblading and specialist eyebrow services in London, our skin rejuvenation services include Botox treatments, dermapen and microdermabrasion, in addition to a range of anti-ageing and revitalising treatments. We can also provide semi-permanent makeup across London, to give you a natural, lasting look with subtle definition.

Hair Loss Treatment

We use state of the art technology in our Harley Street, London clinic to bring you the best in hair loss treatment, promoting regrowth, and preventing further loss. Perfect for thinning hair, as well as men and women suffering from alopecia.